Monday, August 17, 2009

Amano Bar of the Week

Cacao Content: 70%
Origin: Venezuela
Bean Type: Criollo
On Saturday August 22 we will be sampling out Amano's Ocumare bar. Amano boasts that "once in a great while, a great chocolate is created." This bar proves that is has a rich taste with notes of red plum and delicate flower notes. The bar is composed of Criollo beans(the finest chocolate beans).
If you are tempted to try the bar stop by on Saturday to sample out fine artisan chocolate that is made in Utah.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bar of the Week: Pralus Equateur

Cacao Content: 75%

Origin: Ecuador

Bean Type: Trinitario (Arriba)

This week's featured bar is the Pralus Equateur. Not only is this a single origin bar, but Pralus can pinpoint the region so closely that they print the coordinates right on the package: 2 degrees 20 minutes South, 78 degrees 40 minutes West, which puts the plantation in south central Ecuador.

The Equateur is a fine example of the Arriba bean. Full flavored, fruity, and strongly aromatic with a delightful hint of walnut. For an interesting comparison, try Pralus' version alongside another chocolate maker's treatment of the very same bean. Republica Del Cacao (Ecuadorian), Pacari (Ecuadorian), Askinosie (American), and Domori (Italian) all offer bars made from the Ecuadorian Arriba Nacional.