Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bar of the Week: Patric's Madagascar with Nibs

We're celebrating our anniversary throughout the month of July by highlighting some of our own favorite bars.  First up, a 70% dark chocolate from Madagascar with added nibs by microbatch maker Patric:  "...a bar that is both refined and rustic, it is our most munchable and crunchable bar yet, while at the same time amplifying the delicious and complex chocolate flavor that you've come to expect from Patric Chocolate."

Come crunch on a sample on Saturday, July 3rd!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bar of the Week: Coppeneur's Ocumare with Chili and Cacao Nibs

The final featured bar for our "Inclusion Month" is Coppeneur's Ocumare with Chili and Cacao Nibs.  Coppeneur takes its inspiration from the Aztecs with this 72% dark chocolate made from Venezuelan criollo cacao grown in the Ocumare coastal region.  The chocolate's fruity and earthy notes are complemented by the carefully chosen inclusions; roasted nibs provide crunch and bursts of pleasant bitterness while the chili delivers a degree of warmth that Coppeneur calls "slightly provocative".

Come by to try Coppeneur's spicy Ocumare on Saturday, June 26th. 

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bar of the Week: Amedei's Toscano Red

Our "Inclusion Month" continues--with a fruity twist.  Amedei's Toscano Red is mouthwatering bar from a renowned Italian maker that combines a fruity "extra dark" 70% blend with tiny pieces of strawberry, cherry, and raspberry. 

Stop by on Saturday, June 19th, for a taste of this rich, ripe treat!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Bar of the Week: Claudio Corallo's Laranja

Our "Inclusion Month" continues with the classic combo of chocolate and orange taken to new heights of refinement. 

Claudio Corallo's Laranja bar features tiny pieces of crystallized orange peel embedded in Corallo's classic 75% dark chocolate.  As both a cacao farmer and a chocolate maker, Corallo creates meticulous chocolate from heirloom plants grown on the island of Sao Tome, off the west coast of Africa.  While the vast majority of makers subject their chocolate to a high temperature process known as "conching", Corallo chocolates are unconched, retaining the flavorful acids that would otherwise have been driven off by the heat.  The result is an earthy, complex chocolate that makes a wonderful base for bright citrus notes. 

Come by on Saturday, June 12th, to enjoy a taste of Claudio Corallo's Laranja.