Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bar of the Week: Lillie Belle's "Do Not Eat This Chocolate" Bar

The new bar from Oregon chocolatier Lille Belle Farms starts out as a normal-enough blend of organic milk and dark chocolates.  Then come the spices.  These include aji amarillos, arbole, and the legendary ghost chili--all administered with a heavy hand.  The final product has more than enough attitude to justify the "death metal" wrapper.

From the label:  "There is no reason for this bar to exist except that there is a large population of people who enjoy the searing heat of chile's in their chocolate and like it so over the top that they hurt.  Fine.  We can do that."

This is not a chocolate for delicate palates or ambivalent opinions.  Reactions so far have ranged from "wow!" to "ow!".  What will you think?  Join us on Saturday for a sample of Lillie Belle's "Do Not Eat This Chocolate" Bar.  We'll have water handy.


Anonymous said...

I tried this bar one time. It is outrageously spicy! Not for the faint of heart (like me, apparently)

CID1 said...

Absolutely amazing! I'm in love!

If only I could buy this in larger quantities and for a cheaper price.

Anonymous said...

just tried this last night. amazing. HOT, but amazing. I see this bar lasting a long time, since I can only eat little bites at a time. :)