Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bar of the Week - Michel Cluizel Lait aux Noisettes

Region: Inclusion
Cocoa Content: 45%

Michel Cluizel began his chocolate career in 1948 as an apprentice in his parent's chocolate shop in Normandy, France. 60 years later his company employs over 200 people, including his four children, and produces some of the finest chocolate in the world. His passion for making chocolate is evident in his careful production methods and his dedication on every bar to use only the purest of ingredients. His 72% blend has quite a following on our premium drinking chocolate menu, and two of his single-origin bars are featured this month in our 5 for $5 Thursday tastings. This Saturday we are once again catering to the milk chocolate lovers by sampling out Monsieur Cluizel's 45% milk chocolate which has been blended with roasted and ground Italian hazelnuts. For those who do dark only, a cup of our Cluizel hot chocolate is a great excuse to get out of the chilly weather and rain showers predicted for this weekend.

Fun Fact: Michel Cluizel was among the first to make chocolate using beans from a single plantation.