Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bar of the Week: Michel Cluizel Noir 60%

Cocoa content: 60%

Region: Blend

Michel Cluizel (center) with his children.

Well, it's official: April is Michel Cluizel month at Chocolopolis. This is the third Cluizel bar we've featured in the last few weeks, and if you've been in the store recently, you've no doubt seen our large Cluizel display complete with posters and pamphlets. Chocolate this good deserves the attention!

This week's featured bar comes from Cluizel's line of "blends," or chocolate made with beans from multiple origins. At 60% cocoa, it falls into the semisweet range and it's flavor is delightfully balanced and smooth. Try the 60% in comparison to Cluizel's other blends- 85%, 72%, and 45% (milk).

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