Monday, September 21, 2009

Bar of the Week: Valrhona 2002 Vintage Chuao

65% Dark Chocolate

Origin:  Chuao, Venezuela

Bean Type:  Criollo

Vintage: 2002

Take our word for it:  this is a bar you DO NOT want to miss.  This week we are featuring our limited stock of Valrhona's 2002 Vintage Chuao.  These very special bars come from one of the final batches of Chuao chocolate ever produced by Valrhona (Amedei is currently the only chocolate maker with a claim on the beans). 

Valrhona has recieved copious praise from experts and connoisseurs for this vintage in particular. Temper is impecable, coloring is deep and rich, aroma is intoxicating, and the flavor is wonderfully fruity and herbal, perfectly balanced with earthiness.  Come and taste this blast from the past because it won't be around forever! 

***The Valrhona 2002 Chuao will be sold at the special sale price of $10.00/bar from 9/21/09 to 9/27/09!

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