Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bar of the Week: Republica del Cacao's El Oro

Our "Ecuador Month" continues with the El Oro bar from Republica del Cacao.  Among biodiverse Ecuador's many treasures is the Arriba cacao bean, a strain noted (and named) for its remarkable aroma.  Begun in 2004, Republica del Cacao aims to preserve and develop the Arriba bean and Ecuador's historic cacao industry. Through extensive research the company was able to identify three regions that produce outstanding cacao.  They've since partnered with small farmers in those areas to improve planting, harvesting, collection, and fermentation techniques. 
Depending on the region where it is grown, Arriba can develop a range of different flavor profiles.  Of Republica's range of region-specific bars, the El Oro is distinctly delicate and aromantic, with floral and fruity notes and a faintly roasted undertone. 

Come by on Saturday for a taste of El Oro!

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louise said...

Thanks to Chocolopolis, the Republica bar is now one of my top favorites. And the tasting was on my birthday – good timing.