Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bar of the Week: Madecasse's 67%

This bar of the week is a taste-good, feel-good combo.  Madecasse was founded by two former Peace Corps volunteers who leveraged their experience in Madagascar to start a chocolate company that trades directly with rural farmers.  Even more unusual, Madecasse chocolate is made in Madagascar itself; as Madecasse's website notes, "85% of the world’s cocoa comes from Africa. less than 1% of chocolate is made there."  By basing their operations in Madagascar, Madecasse ensures that more of its profits stay in the country.  Although Madecasse isn't certified "fair trade", the company estimates that localized manufacturing has even more benefits for its farmers than would certification alone.  

And how does it taste?  The 67% bar is characterized as "mellow and subtle," a toned-down take on the fruity notes of raspberry, cranberry and cherry that you'd expect from Madgascar chocolate. Other ingredients include the emulsifier soy lecithin, and a hint of vanilla.  

We'll be sampling Madecasse's 67% on Saturday, September 25.

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