Thursday, December 8, 2011

Gifts for Your Entire List

Having trouble finding the perfect gift? We've got a gift for every person on your holiday list, including the person who has everything.

For the Person Who Has Everything...
Chocolate Tasting Party in a Box
...we recommend our Chocolate Tasting Party in a Box. Filled with some of the best single-origin chocolate the world has to offer, it’s a chocolate tasting experience in a box! Featured in Zagat’s Holiday Gift Guide, it includes 6 artisan chocolate bars from different countries, chocolate-covered cacao beans, cacao nibs, instructions for hosting a chocolate tasting party, a Chocolopolis Flavor Wheel and sheets for up to 10 participants to record tasting notes. If you’re good, maybe you’ll be invited to the party.

Chocolopolis Mint Meltaways
The Chocoholic
When one box of chocolates isn’t enough, we’re here to help. Chocolopolis is packed to the rafters with artisan chocolate of every kind to suit the Chocoholic. Whether your favorite chocoholic prefers bars or confections, we have something they’ll enjoy. Gifts that will sate their cravings include our ½ pound box of Peppermint Bark, our 15-piece box of Chocolopolis Mint Meltaways, our 19-piece assorted truffle box or any of the 200 artisan chocolate bars on our shelves.

The Chocolate Connoisseur
Know someone who sniffs their chocolate before eating it? Then you have a Chocolate Connoisseur in your life.  Let us take the fear out of purchasing chocolate for the connoisseur. We’ve put our taste buds and palates to work creating the perfect gift for the connoisseur, our Chocolate of the Month World Tour. Each month brings a new delivery of artisan, single-origin chocolate to the Chocolate Connoisseur’s door. What’s more, we encourage them to sniff their chocolate as much as they’d like. They’ll think of you every month when their package arrives, and they’ll happily sniff away in privacy. Chocolate of the Month World Tour comes in 3-month and 6-month packages. There are three levels, Beginner, Advanced and Connoisseur. The levels are appropriate for any chocolate lover. The Advanced and Connoisseur levels were developed for returning Chocolate of the Month Club members who have already been through the first year.

The Foodie
Anise Ganache Fig
Do you know someone who is always in the know about the hottest new restaurants and food trucks? Impress them with your knowledge of the hottest new chocolate, our award-winning Anise Ganache Filled Figs. Made by hand in our chocolate kitchen, we stuff these delicious black mission figs with a chocolate truffle that has been lightly infused with a hint of anise, and then we dip each one in chocolate. Winner of the Judges Choice for Best Confection at the NW Chocolate Festival, these chubby chocolate figs will leave your favorite foodie craving more. Packaged in a box of 4.

The Perfect Hostess
Her day has been spent baking cookies, running errands, cleaning the kids, and putting the breakables away. You arrive at her house and it is filled with more people than it can hold, adults sipping wine and nibbling on sliced rosemary turkey breast, kids running up and down the stairs, not staying in the designated “kids” area. Yet she handles it all with aplomb, grace and a smile on her face. How do you say “Thank you” to the perfect hostess? With chocolate, of course! An elegant and delicious gift, she’ll appreciate a box of our Chocolate Dipped Extra Fancy White Peaches or our Chocolate Dipped Extra Fancy Pears. Each of these fruity confections is dipped in Valrhona dark chocolate. We marry the peaches with Valrhona Manjari, its tart red fruit and citrus notes pairing beautifully with the sweetness of the peach, and we top the pears with Valrhona Nyangbo chocolate, its chocolaty notes pairing perfectly with the pear. Peaches come five to a box and are packaged in a clear rectangular box. Pears come six to a box and are packaged in a clear round box.

Clients and Colleagues
Chocolate Filled Sleigh
Thank your clients and colleagues with chocolate gifts to share. From our 19-piece assorted truffle box to our selection of chocolate treats from around the world, we have plenty of choices to tempt an entire office. Choose from boxes of Recchiuti’s Cherries Two Ways or boxes of Mademoiselle de Margaux Mint Twigs. Need chocolate nibbles for an entire office? Let us put a selection of treats in a gift basket that will leave an impression on clients and colleagues and keep them nibbling chocolate until the holidays.

Peppermint Marshmallow
Kids and kids at heart will love our Peppermint and Gingerbread marshmallows. Made with candy canes, our Peppermint Marshmallows are cut into circles, dipped in chocolate, topped with pieces of candy cane, and wrapped to look like a peppermint candy. Our Gingerbread Marshmallows are made with ginger and molasses, cut into the shape of gingerbread men, dipped in dark chocolate and decorated with faces in white chocolate. They’re adorable and addictive!

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