Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bar of the Week: Domori Chuao

The tiny Venezuelan village of Chuao consistently produces the world's most expensive criollo cacao.  In the hands of master chocolate makers, this cacao frequently becomes some of the world's most revered (and most expensive) bars.

Our bar of the week is Italian maker Domori's take on the legendary region.  Although the plantation--Hacienda San Jose--on which these beans are grown sits outside the boundaries of Chuao proper, this 70% dark chocolate is clearly a member of the Chuao family, with great depth and a multi-faceted personality.  A juicy blueberry note is sweetened by hints of molasses and honey, mellowing to toasted almond tones and a long finish.

Stop by on Saturday, February 4th, for a taste of Domori's Chuao and marvel at just how much flavor they manage to pack into this dainty little package.

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