Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bar of the Week: Domori Madagared

Region: Madagascar
Bean Type: Criollo-Trinitario
Cocoa Content: 70%

This information regarding the bar of the week comes from the manufacturer: Madagared is a criollo-type cacao from Madagascar. From the many trinitario-type plantations we selected these criollo cacao pods with completely white cacao beans and have processed them separately. The final result exalts the quality organoleptic traits: honey, almonds, berries, caramel and cream. It is slightly tangy and outstandingly smooth with a fine sweetness and particularly long finish.

A new take on our most popular region and a good comparison to last week's Amano Madagascar. One thing to note before you do your tasting: Amano adds cocoa butter and vanilla while Domori does not.

Fun Fact: Now is the time to buy this bar because it, along with Domori's milk chocolate bar blended with sea salt, is no longer being manufactured. We still have a few left in stock so hurry in before they are gone forever.

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