Monday, June 22, 2009

Cluziel's Grand Lait 45%

Region: Blend

Cacao Content: 45%

Michel Cluziel is noted for saying, "to arouse pleasure, chocolate must delight the palate like no other exquisite sweet." His Grand Lait 45% bar does exactly this. Like all of his other chocolates it melts smoothly in your mouth and has notes of carmel and hazelnuts.

A HISTORY NOTE: Cluziel started concocting chocolates in 1947 at his parent's pastry business. This was the start of a very prosperous chocolate relationship between himself and his parents that would last for roughly 36 years. His first chocolate shop was opened in 1987 in Paris and 10 years later he made his first single origin/single estate bar, Hacienda Concepcion.

Come into Chocolopolis on June 27 to experience Cluziel's delightful milk chocolate blend.

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