Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bar of the Week: Michel Cluizel's Maralumi

Our tasting trip through Southeast Asia continues with Cluizel's Maralumi bar, a 64% dark chocolate named for the Papua New Guinean plantation on which the beans were grown.  Most tasters tend to pick up on notes of fresh and dried fruits, spice and smoke.  Cluizel's copywriters go a little further, describing the bar as mellow, with "slightly roasted and spicy flavors, fresh notes of green bananas and adiculated flavours of red currants prolonged by charming aromas of Havana tobacco leaves." 

Which charming notes will you detect?  Come by on Saturday, August 28th, to sample Cluizel's Maralumi--and let us know what you think!

1 comment:

TheChocoCon said...

This is my favorite dark chocolate bar so far! Unfortunately, my friends ranked it too low to continue in the competition for the world's best chocolate bar.