Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bar of the Week: Coppeneur's Hacienda Iara

Most of the world's cacao is a hearty, adaptable variety known as Forestero.  While less-prevalent Trinitario and Criollo cacaos are generally considered finer and more flavorful, there are also some very fine Foresteros out there. Arriba Nacional is a subspecies of Ecudaorian Forestero known for its robust but nuanced flavor.

Our Bar of the Week puts Arriba Nacional on a well-deserved pedestal.  A 72% dark chocolate from German maker Coppeneur, Hacienda Iara has a tangy personality with bright jasmine overtones balanced by mellow notes of roasted nuts.  Hacienda Iara is EU-certified organic and contains just three ingredients: cacao, sugar and cocoa butter.

We will be offering samples of Coppeneur's Hacienda Iara on Saturday, October 9th.

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