Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bar of the Week: Rogue's Hispaniola

Our bar of the week is Rogue's Hispaniola, a 70% dark chocolate made from cacao beans grown, fermented and sun-dried by a small cooperative in the Dominican Republic. With a list of ingredients that's as about as short as they come ("cocoa beans, cane sugar"), Hispaniola's flavors are clear and bright.  Sunny notes of citrus and red fruit are grounded by mild spices and cool, herbal licorice.  

This is the first time we've featured Rogue Chocolates since micro-batch chocolate maker Colin Gasko since he packed up his contraptions and moved from Minnesota to Massachusetts.  Come by on Saturday, May 14th, to sample Rogue's Hispaniola and join us in wishing Gasko the best of luck in his new neighborhood.  

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Richard said...

This is one of our favorite bars by perhaps our favorite chocolate maker. If you can't stop by during the tasting on Saturday, consider buying a bar on your next visit.

Here's our detailed review:

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