Sunday, April 8, 2012

Bar of the Week: Fresco's Ghana

Lynden-based chocolate maker Fresco does something very unusual with its range of single-origin bars.  Owner Rob Anderson pulls back the curtain on the mysteries of the chocolate making process, telling us not only where his beans come from and what proportion of the bar they made up, but also how he's treated them in order to unlock their flavor potential.  Each Fresco bar includes information on the roast (light, medium, dark) and conche (none, subtle, medium, and long).  You may already know that you like beans from a particular region; now you can learn your leanings when it comes to roast and conche.

Our bar of the week is the 211, a 74% dark chocolate made from Ghanian beans given a medium roast and a medium conche.  The result is a solidly chocolate-y chocolate; no frills or eccentric notes, just straightforward, reliable satisfaction.

Come by and try Fresco 211 on Saturday, April 14th.

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