Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bar of the Week: Pralus' Republique Dominicain

While none of us advocates choosing a chocolate based on packaging alone, the sky blue stripe on the the wrapper says a lot about our bar of the week.  Pralus' Republique Domincain tastes like it comes from the kind of place where the sky and the water would be just that hot shade of blue more days than not.

Made in France from cacao grown in the Dominican Republic, this 75% dark chocolate has a straightforward sweetness, with distinct, clean notes of fresh coconut water; playing off against these lighter flavors is Pralus' distinctive roast, which arrives towards the end.  In terms of texture, it's as smooth as Pralus' bars always are, but perhaps also a little softer.

Swing by on Saturday, February 18th, for a sample of Pralus' Republique Domincain--come rain or shine!

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