Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bar of the Week: El Ceibo Bolivia

Ever wonder what cooperation might taste like?  Try a bite of chocolate from El Ceibo, a cooperative formed by Bolivian cacao farmers in 1977.  Organic cacao from member farms in the Amazonian tropics is transported to El Ceibo's factory high in the Andes, then transformed into a range of treats and bars.

El Ceibo's export bars are the product of even more collaboration, thanks to the company's partnership with  chocolate expert Chloe Doutre-Roussel, author of The Chocolate Connoisseur.  Our bar of the week is one such bar, a 75% dark chocolate with mellow earth and juicy fruit notes enlivened by tart flashes of acidity. 

Too many cooks in the chocolate-making kitchen--or just exactly enough?  Decide for yourself with a sample of El Ceibo 75%, available in-store on Saturday, March 3. 

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