Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bar of the Week: Ritual

Our bar of the week comes from a relatively new kid on the chocolate-making block, Colorado-based Ritual Chocolate.  The company's announced intention is to release a range of organic, direct trade, and single estate bars, and their first--and so far, only--offering has us itching to meet its siblings. 

Ritual's Costa Rica bar is a 75% dark chocolate made from Trinitario cacao grown in Guapiles, Costa Rica.  It contains only cacao and sugar, but you might say that the secret ingredient in this bar is time.  From the moment they get their hands on the cacao, Ritual's chocolate makers take an unhurried approach to the manufacturing process, proceeding to the next stage only when the chocolate is good and ready.  A slow gentle roast coaxes out a subtle nuttiness, then days in the conche release unwanted acids, and finally a rest period before the bars are formed and wrapped allows the flavor of the chocolate to fully mature.  The resulting bar has appreciable depth and dimension, with a grounding earthiness, floral aromas, and the complex fruitiness of midsummer blackberries. 

Those with dietary restrictions should also note that Ritual's Costa Rica is vegan and soy-, dairy-, gluten-, and nut-free. 

Come by on Saturday, March 10, to get acquainted with Ritual Chocolate and its Costa Rica bar.  

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