Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bar of the Week: Pacari Chili

Pacari chocolates are made in Ecuador from the "Arriba Nacional" cacao native to the area.  In addition to several single origin bars, Pacari offers a range of confections and inclusion bars that pair their organic dark chocolate with regional fruits and spices.

Our bar of the week is Pacari's Chili, a mellow dark chocolate spiked with merken, a spice favored by Chile's indigenous Mapuche people. If you're already a spicy chocolate fanatic, this bar has a subtly smoky heat that's not to be missed.  Or if you've been "burned" in the past by a overly fiery bar, Pacari's Chili is worth a second try; think "warm bath" rather than "hot coals". 

Come by on Saturday, March 31st, to take the temperature of Pacari's Chili bar. 

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