Monday, September 29, 2008

Bar of the Week: Amedei Toscano Blond

Region: Inlcusion
Cocoa Content: 63%

Last Saturday we held a comparison tasting in our store of the Amedei milk bar and a mystery milk chocolate. We promised to reveal the secret identity of the classic American bar on our blog, and for those of you who didn't guess it was Hershey's. With a final tally of 41 to 8 the winner of the milk chocolate taste test was Amedei, which is proof that Americans do care about the quality of the ingredients that go into a bar of chocolate (Hershey's has been in the news lately for replacing the cocoa butter in some of their products with vegetable oil; more about that here).We decided to continue with the Amedei line this week by bringing you one of their inclusion bars, a dark chocolate concoction laced with dried peaches and apricots. The black and gold coloring of the box and the chocolate's crisp, tart taste make this bar the perfect transition from summer to fall.Fun Fact: The process used to dehydrate the fruits and create the sparks of flavor in the bar was developed and patented by Amedei's Master Chocolatier, Cecilia Tessieri.

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Janet said...

Wow, I love the fun fact! :) I tried all of Amedei's Chocolate and I absolutely love itttttt. Keep up the fun facts if you could.