Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bar of the Week: Domori Javablond

Region: Southeast Asia
Bean Type: Criollo
Cocoa Content: 70%

This information regarding the bar of the week comes from the chocolate maker: Javablond is a criollo-type cacao from East Java. Many centuries ago, a light-colored criollo cacao with a good acidity, and that was easily separated from its shell, was cultivated on the island of Java. Then a volcanic eruption devastated the plantations and forastero-type cacao was planted alongside what remained of the criollo cacao. From this mix a trinitario-type cacao was born.
One third of the island’s crop has 50% light-colored beans and therefore is classified as criollo. This cacao is unique because of its notes of tobacco, berries, smokiness and earthiness. It is spicy with an excellent smoothness, long finish and marked sweetness.

Fun Fact: Domori was the first to create a uniform tasting guide to evaluate chocolate based upon five characteristics - aroma, appearance, snap, taste, and texture.

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