Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bar of the Week: Domori Puertomar

Region: Venezuela
Bean Type: Criollo
Cocoa Content: 75%

While similar to last week's Puertofino, the Domori Puertomar is a great example of how different chocolate from the same region can be. While both are made from Venezuelan criollo cacao and have no added cocoa butter, the flavors are quite varied due to the different subclones used to make each bar (the Puertomar is from the Ocumare 61 while the Puertofino is made with Ocumare 67).

Come by the store this Saturday for a taste of the Puertomar, and for anyone interested in trying the two together we may be able to rustle up a sample of the Puertofino for you.

Fun Fact: The name Domori means two Moors in Venetian. It refers to the two bronze statues on the clock tower in St. Mark's Square, Venice, and to the two main crops of Venezuela, coffee and cacao.

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