Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bar of the Week: Fine and Raw's Blueberries

We're welcoming summer with a fresh, fruity bar of the week:  Fine & Raw's Blueberries.  Brooklyn-based F&R specializes in delectable chocolates with a healthy spin; processed at lower-than-normal temperatures, their "raw" chocolates maintain more of cacao's natural nutrients.  The Blueberries bar ups the ante even further, adding antioxidant-laden dried blueberries to a 70% dark chocolate made from Ecuadorian cacao and sweetened with palm sugar.  It's a rich, jammy treat you can feel good about!

Stop by on Saturday, June 11th, for a sample of Fine & Raw's Blueberries bar.  

Not in our neighborhood?  Fine & Raw's Blueberries bar is also available from our online store

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