Thursday, June 28, 2012

What We're Eating: Cacao Sampaka La Joya 70%

The newest addition to our collection of single-origin chocolate has also quickly become one of my favorites. The Cacao Sampaka La Joya 70% is a complex bar with fruity notes of all kinds. I initially taste notes of rum raisin and tobacco that are quickly followed by tart cherry and black licorice notes. The bar moves back into heavy acid territory with cranberries and a lemon and tobacco finish. This is a very interesting bar that makes me think.

This bar is also notable for the origin of its cacao beans, which hail from the La Joya estate in Tabasco, Mexico. Tabasco is in the area of Mexico that was home to the ancient Olmec civilization (~ 1000 BCE). The Olmecs are the population credited with domesticating cacao as a food. While this region has the oldest chocolate tradition around, it's been tough for artisan chocolate makers to find well-fermented, quality cacao. As a result, we've had very few bars of chocolate in the store made with Mexican-origin cacao.

It's a pleasure to have such a wonderful bar of chocolate, particularly from Tabasco. It comes packaged in a 100g bar size, but it is conveniently presented as 2 thin 50g tasting bars, making it easier to snap and taste.

We'll have samples out this Saturday from 11-5. Let us know if you're in before Saturday and we're happy to give you a preview taste!

Happy chocolate tasting,
Chief Chocophile

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