Friday, June 8, 2012

What we're Eating: Michel Cluizel Noir 72%

On a cold and rainy day like today nothing hits the spot quite like a cup of drinking chocolate. If you've never had our drinking chocolate before, you are missing out. Rich and creamy, it is a pure delight. Our most popular? Right after the Spicy (which is another post) comes Cluizel's 72% blend. It is pure chocolate delight. Perfectly balanced and delightfully smooth it is exactly what drinking chocolate should taste like.

Michel Cluizel Noir de Cacao 72% Dark Chocolate
Don't have time for a cup? Bring home a bar and make some for yourself!

Our Recipe:

Directions: Heat milk over low heat and whisk in finely chopped chocolate (be careful not to boil the milk). Once the chocolate has melted pour into a mug and enjoy!

Stop by Saturday for a taste and see just how delicious this bar truly is.

Purveyor of fine chocolate

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